Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kylee's 6 month pictures

I finally got around to posting Kylee's 6 month pictures. She was very serious this day and was refusing to smile, but I guess it shows her true personality she is a pretty serious little girl sometimes! Also a little note about mom she is having hopefully her last procedure tomorrow, just pray that everything goes well! The last two have had complications so we are hoping for this one to go smoothly with no problems, pray for mom to relax she is a little nervous after the last two and all the trauma they have put her through! Thanks for all the prayers!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please Pray for mom

Well things have been rough for mom the past week.. well basically since surgery on July 27th. She is back in the hospital for the 2nd time since surgery, Dad took her in Saturday for vomiting and discomfort, not being able to keep food down. Lots has happened since then I can't explain everything it would take days and you probably would just be very confused like us ( we hear different things from different nurses and doctors all the time) Today mom had two procedures done to help take care of the vomiting hopefully so she can get to feeling better, get food down for nutrition she needs, and get her healing and healthy so we can get her the chemo treatments she needs to help stop this horrible cancer! Better yet I would love for everyone's prayers for God to make it just disappear so she doesn't have to go through anymore treatments or procedures! But, we all know it is in his hands and his decision, he knows best! Anyway just continue to pray, pray, pray! What we can hope for the most right now is that these 2 procedures and the trauma she had to go through today were worth it and help take away her discomfort! She will have at least 2 more procedures within the next 2 weeks to finish the process they started today, anyway there is so much involved it is complicated to explain in writing but I hope this is enough information to let you know she just needs prayer! Thanks!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kylee is 6 months old.. I can't believe it!

We waited so long to have a baby and it seemed like it was never going to happen. It finally did and now that she is here time is just flying by, I can't believe she is already half way to a year old! It is so crazy how fast they grow and change, and how much they learn. Today she started sitting up all by herself and she got her first haircut ( I just took an inch off the back so the sides and back were even) that's what happens when you have a hairstylist for a mom lol! Kylee and Lilly love to play together it is so cute, we were kinda worried that Lilly wouldn't like her (boy were we wrong) Here are some pics. I threw in some from a couple weeks ago when we went swimming at Grandpa Whan's house, she loves the pool! Have a great day and keep praying for Kylee's grandma she is still nauseated and just doesn't feel well. 

Kylee standing by herself on the step of the pool!
love that ornery face!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The big day Daddy has been talking about

Daddy has been waiting for this day.. the first Notre Dame game of the season, football is starting. So today we all had to wear our Notre Dame gear. I took advantage of the football game time and canned 13 pints of applesauce since we were just sitting around, it is yummy and Kylee loved it too! So here is our Notre Dame family pics lol, just had to post it. Oh by the way they won I think Kylee was good luck :)