Friday, April 1, 2011

Sorry it's been forever again!

Sorry I haven't posted in forever life has just been very busy trying to live in two states and run two houses is a lot of work! Not to mention chasing after a 1 year old : ) We have found a house in Michigan and will be closing on April 11th but not moving in until the 17th, so when we get settled I will put up pictures :) we are praying that our house in Fort Wayne will sell quickly (we have a showing today, so let's hope they make an offer) I really don't want to have to mow two places and keep them clean lol. Well I have to hurry so we can get out of here before the showing but I just wanted to post Kylee's 1 year pics and birthday party, and of course her walking video from Monday! Yep she is starting to walk, not sure if I'm ready for this I still want to keep her a baby! She will have much more fun this summer if she can walk though,so I guess it's ok. Hopefully I will get house pictures up soon, I will be glad to to done packing and moved! 

just had to add this one in to make you laugh she is watching Lilly go potty, and it was taken on her birthday : ) saving this for her wedding video 

mommy ran out of time getting ready for the party so I had wet hair and no makeup but who cares it was my little girl's 1st birthday and she had fun!

Daddy with his little birthday girl

Anyone want my cherry?