Sunday, June 5, 2011

OK so I lied I didn't get pictures up last week.. so here they are

 ok so it took me longer than i thought to get this post up because I decided to paint another room first and do some wall sayings so some of the pictures are in crazy order from adding them after I started the post. I had good intentions of getting these posted almost two weeks ago sorry lol : ) I got the spare bedroom painted but still need to decorate it in the monkey theme for Ky, she loves monkeys and birds ( our little animal lover, she likes them all) The spare room took a little longer than planned because i painted during nap times, but thursday night i was changing Kylee's crib sheet and getting her ready for bed and she disappeared for seriously 30 seconds and I went to get her and she was stirring my can of paint in the spare room, so I ran over thinking I had got there just in time... I looked in the paint can.. EMPTY.. it was full, looked on the carpet and green everywhere!!! Needless to say instead of painting that night after she went to bed I scrubbed carpet for 4 hours and had to go back to the store in the morning and buy more paint, gotta love that ornery little girl!  Ok so here is our new house, it is not completely decorated yet and the basement isn't done at all because that is the last area left to paint ( any volunteers? : )  We are thinking about painting the basement red, and I told Matt I am tired of painting and am paying someone to do it lol. We are now working on the flower beds and our garden and today we started getting an area ready for asparagus we are planting tonight so i will blog about that in another 2 weeks lol
this was a wall saying i added in our bedroom

this was added to Kylee's room the flash kinda blurred it out but it says  All of God's Grace in one sweet little face! Should say ornery little face lol
this was added to the wall behind the kitchen table    

finally got the butterfly chandelier i made hung, we have electric ceiling heat so i was afraid to screw anything into the ceiling so had to be creative in hanging it so took a little longer
added this by our bedroom window

this was added to our bathroom attached to our bedroom

the spare bedroom
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spare bedroom from another angle

spare bedroom again
dining area in kitchen

kitchen table

kitchen from one angle

kitchen from different angle

back yard

back yard

back of the house

front of the house ( we ripped out a bunch of the bushes and hostas and added other stuff.. will post pictures soon)

front of house

Ky's swing.. her favorite spot!

part of flower bed

living room on main floor

another angle of main floor when you walk in the front door

stairs off of living room going upstairs

bathroom in hallway

front door/ living room

laundry room/ aka dungeon, it needs some work : )

basement family room ( Matt's video game spot lol)


fireplace in basement 

stairs going up to main floor 

basement is half toy room half living room

Kylee's room

ky's room from different angle

more of Ky's room

Door in Ky's room into hallway

added this saying in main floor family room

closer up picture

added this to guest bathroom lol

our room 

our room again

another angle of our room

our room

our room again

our closet wall

our bathroom off of our room 

our bedroom bathroom

ok that's our house for now sorry it took so long.. next will be our yard work progress : ) Have a great week and we miss everyone... come visit anytime and we can go to the beach : )

Friday, May 20, 2011

Here are a few pictures of Kylee's room finally : )

Ok so we are moved and getting settled I still need to take pictures of the house but I did get the kitchen and Kylee's room painted FINALLY ( it takes a lot longer to paint with a 1 year old around, I found that out real quick : )) I promise I will get pictures of the rest of the house this week, but in the meantime here is Kylee's room, we choose to do a theme of flowers and birds in memory of her Maw Maw who loves flowers and birdies so we have a branch above the crib with birds and a nest on it and still working on a vinyl saying for above it ( any suggestions on a saying, still trying to think of something unique) Kylee loves her room and loves to show it off for anyone that will come visit her : ) Grandpa and Uncle Nate got to see it this week and she was so excited to show them, she is such a silly girl! I took video but for some reason my video on my phone is sideways and blurry I will try again this week, so sorry in advance for the poor quality video ; )  Grandpa came yesterday and tilled a spot for a garden so Kylee and I will be planting tomorrow weather permitting and will try to take pictures. Daddy found a cool box turtle in our yard while he was mowing and saw him again today, maybe he is going to hang around as our pet ( we attached pictures) also while Grandpa and Uncle Nate were here we saw three deer right in our back yard, they were so pretty but we didn't get pictures, maybe next time! We went from Fort Wayne addition living to country, can you tell we are excited to be country folks again, we get excited about little things lol. Have a great weekend and will try to post the rest of the house this week 

Kylee making her first batch of homemade cookies

She was a really good helper

our cool turtle in our yard

this one is an actual branch not wall art kinda hard to tell in picture but there are birds, nests, and butterfly on it

this is what Kylee does while i work on her room, finds all her cool stuff to play with and put on : )

her night light